Are you envious?

Thoughts on Judges 7:19-8:12
So Gideon and his handful of soldiers surprised the Midianite camp, put them in chaos and sent them running. He called the other clans to take up the chase. Ephraim was mad because he had not been included in the original clash and he took his gripe up with Gideon. Gideon calmed him down by stating that the work he had done in the conflict was essential and elevated. The work Gideon did in the fight was pedestrian, blue-collar. Ephraim’s work was elite and specific. Like a closing pitcher. He doesn’t play the entire game. His speciality is getting the last outs.

So what do I learn from this? Remember that what I do is mine to do. It’s special and necessary for the victory. Don’t get my panties in a bunch because I’m not the starting pitcher.

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