About Debby

Debby Bellingham, D.Min.

• Provides individual and group spiritual direction

• Leads and facilitates personal, small group and church retreats

• Teaches, counsels, and serves as the Lord would lead

While working with Christians in my psychotherapy practice in San Francisco, CA, I discovered myself growing slightly disenchanted with traditional clinical work.

The clients who gained the most benefit from our work together were those who allowed God into the counseling session. It seemed that much of their relational problems, depression and anxieties, and struggles with self acceptance were often rooted in an un-Biblical image of God. Together we explored their God-image and the nature of their relationship to Him. They began to experience relief and freedom from their pain as they discovered and interacted with the God of Abraham, of David and the God-made-flesh, Jesus. The work became less about pathology and more about spiritual formation.


I decided to explore how I could be better equipped to guide individuals and faith communities into healing by allowing them to come face to face with the God of love. I felt compelled of God to pursue a course of study and preparation that would integrate the spiritual and psychological/emotional aspects of a person. I heard only one clear directive as I sought Godʼs direction forfurther training.

I was not to seek a program that would train me to help form others spiritually; rather I was to pursue a program where the focus of study would be the spiritual formation of my soul. God reminded me that as I was molded and shaped by his dynamic presence and love, ministry would flow out of me.

 Debby 02 LoRes

In the ten years since this ministry adjustment, God has provided the following opportunities:

  • Completed a Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Spiritual Formation
  • Two years with the Spiritual Formation Academy sponsored by Upper Room Ministries
  • Trained to give the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius
  • Published The Mentored Life, a vision for the life of a disciple
  • Wrote and published numerous articles on the spiritual life
  • Created classes, retreats, and study guides
  • Mentored hundreds of people as their spiritual director
  • Served as the Spiritual Formation Pastor at Golden Gate Community Church
  • Taught at and acted as chaplain to an international church in Paris, France


I entrust all I am, all the gifts that God has given me, all the skills and education that I have acquired, all the experience that I have been blessed to receive, to Him to advance the kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



The Eternal Now – 2009, booklet based on presentation of the same name

Letters to Lorelei- 2008, A series of articles aiding a personʼs spiritual transformation

The Pieces of Life – 2007, article on prayer based on Psalm 5

Beneath the Cloud – 2006, article on continuing in faith when all seems dark

Anger, the death of love – 2006 , small group curriculum

The Spiritual Formation Process – 2006, article on how churches can aid in spiritual formation

Building Communities of Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Formation Forum, Long Beach, CA May,2006

Importance of Covenant Relationships in Communities of Spiritual Formation, Renovare

International Conference, Denver, CO, June, 2005

Spiritual Formation in our Churches, PALCON,, San Diego, CA July 2004

Healing Prayer, Spiritual Formation Academy, San Antonio, TX, August, 2002


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