Do you have a desire to make the world a better place?  I think deep down we all do. If you take a look at the Mentored Life book, and give the very simple practices a try- I guarantee that- your life- and the world will be a better place.  I have journeyed through the book many times- individually, with a small group and with our church- and every time I have learned more about Jesus- and have seen my life and my world become a better place.

Don Creasman, Pastor, Golden Gate Fellowship, San Francisco, CA


Debby was an encouraging guide helping our community to explore silence and scripture in new ways. They became more comfortable with silence as a way of hearing the voice of God. One member said, “I learned to hear the voice of God. God said to me that He has always been with me… and always will be.” Others remarked that the experience was “nourishment to my soul.” I would strongly recommend Debby as a retreat facilitator or spiritual guide.

Paul F. Conti, Barbara Jimenez Pastoral Staff, Cornerstone Church, San Francisco , CA


The Mentored Life Guide is the best material for spiritual discipleship Iʼve ever used.

Ken Wiggers, Discipleship Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Greeley, CO

One thought on “Endorsements

  1. In reading this book, and following the exercises both in the book and in the classes that Debby teaches, I meet God. This is Debby’s gift: she has the ability to reconcile my heart to the heart of God. Her words and the exercises that she teaches re-introduce me to God’s love. This stills that nasty someone whose voice says things like “you are so self centered, of course no one loves you.” The voice sounds so much like my own that I believe it might be me. In the newfound stillness, the Holy Spirit gently and kindly identifies those practices that keep me from seeing the Father’s love, that keep me running from His arms. Over and over again, His overwhelming grace is poured out over me. These helps and this blog allow the Spirit access to my life to blow fresh air into my soul. I find my heart stilled yet expectant, and He speaks to me of how He and I can together love this world.

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