The dual faces of God

Isaiah 40:10-14

Here comes the Lord, are you ready for him? He is a strong ruler, when he comes he brings your reward and your payback. Will you welcome him?

Here comes the Lord, do you need him? He is a tender shepherd, he feeds his flock, he carries them when they can’t walk, he is patient with the cares of their heart. Do you want him?

There is none like God, he holds the waters of the seas in his cupped hand, he measures and rules the heavens and it’s contents, he weighs the dust of the earth and keeps in balance the mountains and the hills. No one can give God guidance, he is the source of all wisdom, why do you even try?

Which aspect of God do you need today? His power or his tenderness? He is both and wants to offer you his arm to lean upon or to strengthen you. Welcome your God.

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