Wisdom’s promise of victory (and so much more)

Wisdom speaks:

I have taken root in a privileged people, in the Lord’s property, in his inheritance. I have grown tall as a cedar in Lebanon, as a cypress on Mt. Hermon; I have grown tall as a palm in Engedi, as the rose bushes of Jericho; as a fine olive in the plain, as a plane tree I have grown tall.

Sirach 24:12-14

palm tree jpeg

A palm tree is grown mainly for its fruit; its branches are a symbol of victory, It attracts the eye because of it’s height. The palm leaves are braided into baskets, mats, ropes, brooms etc.

A responsive prayer:

May I grow tall and noticeable, attracting others to my space. May I offer nourishment and delight to others and be victorious for God’s glory. Lord, all me to be useful in serving your kingdom and your beloved people.

Tomorrow we will look at Wisdom’s promise of restoration.

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