The Geresene Demoniac and me

Mark 5:1-20

Here is a man, strong in body, weak in spirit; can break chains and fetters but is bound in his heart. His natural abilities could free him to walk about, but yet even when loosed from the chains, he remained living among the tombs.

A good reminder: my best effort, my self-motivated actions, all the will power I can muster will only get me so far. I need to let Jesus intervene. His presence is the beginning of the shift. When he spotted Jesus, the tortured man ran to worship him. Start here. Take your whole self, hopes and torments alike and run to Jesus. In the posture of worship, the demons will emerge and accuse. Let them out, speak aloud your doubts and your fears, name them. Jesus will deal with them. Just stay near him. Let Jesus clothe you and put your mind at rest.

What are you trying to accomplish that aligns with God’s will, but seems to be going no where? Maybe it’s because you are not relying on the power of God to bring it off. Submit  your abilities and gifts to Jesus and then the action can begin anew. The world (your world) will be astonished.


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