The fruit of proper fear

My paraphrase of Psalm 112

The person who fears you, (respects you) and who delights in your word will have fruit in her life. Her children, even spiritual children, are blessed and powerful; not among the powerful, but full of power themselves. 

Her house is full of the riches and wealth of life. Riches and wealth that will not perish or fade, but will only grow as time passes. Things like love, friendship, respect. Oh Lord, let this be my story. 

She is a light for those in darkness. She shines like a beacon, welcoming travelers who are seeking home. She is a lighthouse warning off people on their way to destruction. She is a candle inviting intimacy and closeness with the Lord who loves. Yes, Lord. Yes. I soak…

She looks with eyes of compassion and puts her pity into action. She sees people in their real state and offers whatever she has to the one in need. 

She does not live in fear because she trusts in the Lord. Lack of trust in the Lord of love is the root of fear and results in downfall and defeat.

She has an open hand, a steady and faithful heart, a head held high in glory.

Which of these descriptions will you claim as yours today? Seriously, I want to know, so we can pray for one another. I want to be a light for those in darkness. Blessings