MM 2/9/16 praise, not shame

Imagine this scene: God takes you by the hand, and walks you back to the place of your greatest shame, maybe your parenting, your work ethic, your health, the scale, you know where that place is. Now imagine Jesus, putting his arm around you, and asking you to look at it from his point of view. What do  you see? What do you feel? Then hear him say, “Well done, you did the best you could with what you had and the circumstances of your life at that time. I’m making it right, take hope and walk with healing and dignity.” Wow! Thank you God. “On that day, I will give you praise and honor in every land you were put to shame.” Zeph 3:19
PS boy do I look old today. No shame, though. “Well done, Debby!”

MM 2/8/16 hang on to your dreams

On that day, God promises to collect the strays, gather the scattered; all the dreams that were banished, returned; all the friendships that were lost, reunited. The bits of you that were left behind due to your brokenness or due to harm done to you will be gathered back into your soul. The whole of you that God dreamt you to be will be collected and united and you will walk in the joy of being re-membered. Hang on to this hope.

MM 2/4/16 hang in there!

Boy, this is a good word for us today. God has a plan to remove all that afflicts us, all that burdens us, all that we carry on our bent back. But, today, we must carry it;  and we carry it with the strength that hope provides. Hang it there, the calvary is coming. Walk forward in hope. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Amen.