A prayer for inauguration day

Psalm 85:8-13
Listen for what the Lord will speak to you today. He will speak peace. Whenever I turn to him, his peace will be mine. I need such a peace, Lord. Our world needs such peace. Let us fear you, receive your salvation and display your glory. Oh, my heart says, “If only it were so, if only steadfast love and faithfulness were to meet in our country.” I doubt it’s ability to happen. Yet I must hold hope; for I can practice love and faithfulness; the women at the retreat tomorrow* can practice love and faithfulness and it will be more likely experienced. As we practice faithfulness here in our lives your righteousness will rain down upon the places we tread. Loving God, let your righteousness go ahead of us, making a way for our feet to follow. Amen.
* Tomorrow I am leading a retreat on the subject of Hope in San Francisco, CA.

Hungry? Thirsty? Cancer?

Jesus promises blessedness not to the perfect, but to those who seek to be perfect. The distance between you and your goal of holiness doesn’t matter, as long as you are on the journey. Anticipating your favorite meal is almost as sweet as the eating of it; desiring it and knowing it is prepared and waiting for you when you reach home is motivation to get home quickly.

So it is with righteousness. Picture it, let nothing deter you from your goal; know you will reach it. Want it so badly you won’t settle for anything else. Try this out and see if you feel blessed.

I am blessed by all your care and prayers. I have been scheduled for surgery on October 6. The surgical oncologist will remove all my female organs, and test them to see the extent of the cancer. I’ll hear two weeks later the outcome of the biopsy. The dr. seemed very hopeful that the cancer is contained within my uterus. YAY!

In the meantime, your prayers hold me. Thank you. I hunger and thirst for righteousness and health. Amen.

First Tuesday of Advent – what makes God mad

When you look around at the dark and lostness of this world, Advent reminds us that there is a final chapter to be written, one where God restores justice and righteousness. This chapter is being written today, in your life and through your life into the world.

MM 12/2/14 What makes God mad from Debby Bellingham on Vimeo.