You are God’s “right-hand man”

There are shouts of joy and salvation in the tents of the just. ‘The Lord’s right hand has done mighty deeds, his right hand is exalted. The Lord’s right hand has done mighty deeds.’ Psalm 118:15-17

You are God’s “right-hand man.” You are the one God depends upon to create spaces of joy and safety for the people you love and serve. Focus on God’s love for you and then pray for the grace to capture God’s power to delight and to save. Share what you’ve been given with the world you’ve been given to. They will be glad you exist and are connected to God. Through you they will know the joy and the safety of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. They need you to be at God’s right hand, in the Spirit’s close counsel, and like Jesus ready to do will of his father. You are God’s “right-hand man”. Live bravely and generously. Amen.

me vs the big C…

I appreciate your prayers and thoughts as I am dealing with the big C. I have surgery to remove my uterus (et al) tomorrow. I haven’t been notified of the time yet, but will let you all know if I am able. I’ve just begun the “cleansing” process to prepare for the surgery. (ick, ick, ick.)

Yesterday I read in Psalm 118: 6
With the Lord on my side, I do not fear. What can cancer (text reads mortals) do to me? The Lord is on my side to help me; I shall look with triumph on my enemies!

Can I get an Amen?

Love and need you all.

With you on the journey,


Fake it until you make it

A few years ago I visited a church that was a little more expressive in their worship than was my typical style. The pastor opened the service by inviting the congregation to speak the words of Psalm 118:24.

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

We stood, obediently recited the words of the text and were ready to sit down, allowing the order of the service to continue. But the pastor halted our sitting. “Wait a minute,” he said. “Did you listen to what you just said? ‘This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.’ You don’t look glad. Are you glad? If you were glad, you’d be smiling and bouncing,” he said as he was smiling and bouncing. “Let’s try saying it again, only this time believe it. Let me see some smiles on your faces. Come on, show me some glad.”

Checked by his kindly reproof, I said the words again, this time smiling and looking around at the other smiling faces; nodding in agreement with my brothers and sisters. This indeed was a day made for us by God. We were happy and sharing in it’s goodness. What a difference it made to inhabit the words, not just mimic them. I realized they were meant to be experienced, not just repeated. A dry, isolated repetition became a lively, joyous fellowship as we smiled. The gladness bubbled up and we were definitely glad. As my friends in AA say, sometimes you have to ‘fake it until you make it.’