Every dog deserves to eat

Thoughts on Mark 7:24-30

You wanted anonymity, so you left the country. Surely, outside of Israel, you could get a rest. Not so fast Jesus, your reputation had gone before you into the land of the Gentiles. The Christ could not/cannot be hidden. A Greek woman, a desperate mother, heard of you and found you out. She came on behalf of her demon-possessed daughter, begging you to cast out the spirit that had made itself a home in her child. You said, no. It wasn’t in your current job description, you came for the children of Israel. But she persisted, she outmatched you in wit and perseverance, you relented and granted her request.

We are never off duty. Our love is owed to all at all times. An off-duty police officer still upholds the law, even though he’s not officially on the clock; a doctor offers medical help when she comes upon the scene of an accident. We are not ministers of Christ’s healing love only when we are among our tribe. Every dog deserves to be fed.

This sure pokes my conscience. I’m so vigilant over my time. On a plane I do everything possible to avoid conversation with my seat mate. I don’t want to give of myself to another when I don’t want to. I’m happy to make Jack a smoothie, when it’s on my time line. If he asks it of me when I’m busy doing my thing, ooh, the resentment leaks out. Oh, selfish me. Lord, I want to be like you, I want to honor my need for rest, have a clear vision of my mission, and then be willing to go off the page when another’s need is made known to me. Grant me the grace to feed the children and the dogs. Thank you and amen.