God’s healing found in the simple


Naaman the leprous Aramaeon, proudly refused to bathe in the water of the Jordan. His assistant chided him, “If you were asked to do something difficult you’d do it, why not something simple?”

Sometimes healing and progress in our spiritual life is not about performing the difficult, self-powered sacrifices and practices, it is about simply taking a bath in the stillness and grace of God’s presence. Enter the water today, float in the streams of grace, wash your wounded and diseased soul in the river of God’s tender mercy. That is enough. Amen.

Will you do the simple to receive healing and power today?

contentment vs satisfaction

“There is a great difference between I wish I were and I would like to be. To be content is not to be satisfied. No one ought to be satisfied with the imperfect. It is God’s will that we should contentedly bear what he gives us. But at the same time we can look forward with hope to the redemption of the body.”*

…And of our emotions and relationships; our lacks and our “unsatisfied” longings. We are wounded but we have hope of healing. We feel we are missing out but must look forward with hope for union and intimacy. We must bear what we have, and have not, with patience and hold stubbornly to the hope of perfection and complete satisfaction. What a tightrope we must walk. Only by keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, can we navigate it.

*George MacDonald The Curates Awakening

Is faith in Jesus necessary?

Jesus gives what is needed, part one

Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralytic, “Take heart, Son. Your sins are forgiven.” Matt 9:2

Jesus observed some men carrying a paralytic and was impressed by their faith.

When I hear the word faith, I usually think “the faith”, a faith in God and God’s powerful love. But the faith these men exhibited was not in Jesus, they weren’t bringing their friend to him for healing. They were just on their way from one place to another, and if their friend was going to be part of the journey, he would have to be carried. They were willing to do so, they didn’t want to leave him behind.

Somehow, carrying him demonstrated faith. Faith is a complete trust and confidence in something or someone. Their faith rested on the relationship and love they shared with one another. They would be the legs of this friend, he could count on that.

This commitment to loving their friend is what impressed Jesus. This man didn’t need physical healing, he would always be carried in love. Jesus instead gave him an inner healing – hope, a sense of belonging to God’s family and a spiritual cleansing.

Whose legs are you?

Does your faith carry wounded people as you go, just so they won’t be left behind?

Who are your legs?

Will you trust God to give what is needed, not what you think is needed?

Jesus gives what is needed, part two

But Jesus, perceiving (the scribes) thoughts, said, “Why do you think evil in your hearts? For which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Stand up and walk’? But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins” —he then said to the paralytic—’stand up, take your bed and go to your home.” And he stood up and went to his home. Matthew 9:4-7

The paralytic needed spiritual healing, Jesus gave it. He then offered the scribes what they needed, proof of his authority to forgive sins through his healing power.

Notice the efficiency of God, in offering the scribes what they needed, the paralyzed man received his legs! Everybody can win!