The essential prayer

Thoughts on Matthew 6:7-1

No empty phrases, no need to even put words to my heart’s needs, you know better than I what is needful. Instead you teach me the essential prayer. God is our Father, I am in a family. God is in heaven, he sees and rules all. Such news awakes awe and respect within me. I chose to subject myself to your authority and align myself with your good will, here today, it is practice for heaven. Take care of our physical needs; and forgive the many ways we violate love, as we forgive those who violate love against us. Walk ahead of us so we can avoid temptation, and rescue us from the evil that lines the path we take. I forgive, forgive me. Amen

I’d love to hear how you would you paraphrase the most prayed prayer to make it fresh and yours? 

With you on the journey,


MM 3/6/15 Peace vs fear?

On what does your peace rest? Unless it is on the good will of the Lord,it’s likely fear will rule your life. Where do you feel fearful? Where is your peace disturbed? “Lord, when I am overcome by fear it is because my peace depends on some thing instead of your will.” Magnificat

MM 3/6/15 Peace vs fear from Debby Bellingham on Vimeo.