The great exchange: despair for confidence!

It’s crazy, I know. But maybe you, like me, are living on the edge of despair.

God certainly got my attention this morning in my daily lectio divina reading. “I will hear what the Lord has to say.” Ps 85:8-13 Ok, Lord, what have you got to say? (from my prayer journal)

“Peace.” Peace because we belong to you. Thank you. Peace because we are your friends. Thank you. Peace because we turn to you in our hearts. Thank you. Your help is near; Glory, come dwell with us here at 246 Willow Tree Road.

Mercy and Faithfulness have joined arms; justice and peace are best friends. This property, this home at 246 Willow Tree Road will produce God’s faithfulness and God will be God in his judging of our lives. Look down, Oh God, and see your own faithfulness growing in our lives and in our land. Go ahead of us, Lord, we will follow you; where you tread, favor blossoms, fruit blooms. Your justice goes ahead of you and peace and I follow in your steps.

And God continues: Isaiah 12:2. You are my savior, I can be confident and unafraid. You are my strength and courage, you have always been my savior. Dan 10:19. Fear not, beloved, you are safe; take courage and be strong.” 2Cor 4:1 since we have this ministry through the mercy show us, we are not discouraged.

I must admit, though, I read these words and my gut reaction is fear. What is going to happen today that will require me to have such confidence and courage? I fall on your mercy and ask your forgiveness for my doubt and healing of my wounded soul that assumes the worst.

Join me, if you can, in taking God at his word and exchanging your despair for confidence whatever this day holds.

What is your prayer du jour?

breathDavid had a breath prayer that kept him rooted to reality. Some call such a prayer ‘self talk.’ The difference between them is where your confidence lies; Are you reminding yourself of God’s truth or are you trying to convince yourself you can handle the situation? A breath prayer is not a talisman that wards off harm. It is reconnection to God’s word of love and promise.

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold my life; of whom shall I be afraid?    Psalm 27:1

David was in danger. He knew it. Fear was out there, lurking, ready to distract him from his purpose. He counters fear’s tactics by facing it head on, naming the aspect of God’s character he needed at that moment and reframing his relationship with fear. He could have prayed, “God, I’m so afraid, save me.” Such a prayer gives fear power, makes him fear’s potential victim. Instead he announces, “God is my light, salvation and stronghold, whom shall I fear?” The answer is no one. His confidence is bolstered by this truth.

I have to go to a dinner party tonight. Anxiety about meeting new people, making interesting small talk and looking ‘good’ is out there, lurking. I could pray, “Lord, help me to be confident in who you’ve made me.” or I could declare, “God of love, you love me, of whom shall I be afraid?”

What is your breath prayer du jour?