Give me a story to tell

Thoughts on Psalm 44

The Psalmist speaks to the Lord about the great deeds God had done among his ancestors, how the testimonies of God’s faithfulness was passed on by word to him.

Lord make us a generation that tells of your great deeds to your children. Work miracles among us, so that we have a story to tell.

With your own hand, you drove out the nations, but planted Israel; you afflicted the people of the land, but them you set free. And it was all your doing. It was not by Israel’s sword or hardiness, but your right hand, your arm and the light of your face.

A picture of your power and not my own. Give me a story that declares how you personally drove out the false-self established towns and gathering places that had held my soul hostage for years, and generations; how you broke the power of the ego/sin tainted powers that squeezed my true self and your glory out. Work this narrative into my life: you planted me, tended me; you released me, opened the gates into the bounty of your presence. Do all this Lord. You alone have the power the direction, the will to accomplish it. Let the light of your face be what sets me free. I soak in your wisdom. It is you, not I. All I do is soak; and follow. 

Why do you act on my behalf? Because you delight in me. That blows my mind. You delight in me and take strong action to plant me and set me free. Roots and wings because of your delight in me. Thank you.

Grant me this grace. To have such a story to tell. 

But there will be seasons when it seems as if you’ve abandoned me. I will work for you, in your name and will lose ground. In that time, let me not forget your faithfulness, and let me remember all I can do is call on you, fervently beg you to wake up and save me from further disgrace and defeat so your story can continue. Lord, make sure during such seasons that my heart is true, and there is no secret agenda going on in my spirit. Amen.