God’s little finger!

I’ve been on vacation for the past week, but I’m back now. I hope you missed me!

Thoughts of Luke 11:14-23

Okay, you’re going about your business, bringing wholeness to broken people. You cast out a demon that kept a man from speaking, and when he then spoke, the people were divided. Some marveled, some doubted your source, some demanded more of you. You saw into their hearts, their motives and addressed what you found there.

These responses reflect the whole of my heart. Sometimes I marvel at your amazing acts of kindness and mercy; sometimes I minimize your power, overlooking it or discounting it, not recognizing the acts of God in the ordinary; sometimes I take for granted the goodness you’ve shown me and expect more from you than the generosity you’ve already shared with me.

You speak to me of my need to be one with you, I cannot sit on the fence; I’m either all in or all out. Ah, I confess my doubt about my ability to unite my heart with yours, I know myself so well. My intentions are good, but my old self, my “demon,” with its habits and demands is a strong man, who guards his residence very well.

You speak to me of the power in the mere finger of God. How all the good and healing and wonders I’ve experienced because of my trust in your name, are but a finger-full of the power you can and want to exercise over the “demon” that keeps me from speaking; how you are a stronger man than the one who resides in my heart.

I declare my desire to be with you, not against you; to gather the pieces of my heart and offer them to you. Increase my marvel, decrease my doubts and my demands. Thank you and amen.



It all begins with mercy

Thoughts on Luke 6:36-38

Jesus invites me to a life that resembles his Father’s character. It begins with God’s mercy; to the degree that I’ve received it, I am told to give it. When I pause and think about how much mercy has been shown to me, count the ways God forgives and restores, remember how God’s patience extends beyond my failings, how can I not offer the same forgiveness and patience to my world today.

Jesus knows his audience, his teaching shows how well he understands the human heart. He knows we are stained by sin, that selfishness is in our dna, so he appeals to our natural, survivor instinct. “You want mercy? then be merciful. Want to avoid judgement and condemnation? then don’t judge and condemn; Forgiveness? then forgive; to receive in abundance? then give abundantly.”

Thank you God for training me in righteousness like I trained Ellie to go outside to pee, reinforcing her good behavior with a treat and a hearty good girl. Now she has

Header 02

Me and my good girl, Ellie

learned the proper place to go to the bathroom. So you teach me, a reward for living holy until holy living is my norm.

Thank you also, that I can’t out-give you. I give my little and you give me to overflowing. Like brown sugar, you pack in the blessings.

It all begins with your mercy, it is new every morning. Thank you.


What to do with people who voted differently than you.

Thoughts on Matthew 5:20-26

Hearing these words must have been discouraging for the crowd. How could they, ordinary folk who were busy living their lives be more righteous than the people whose whole existence was dedicated to religiosity? What? OK, I can manage not killing someone, but to never be angry? to never use my words to describe another’s flaws? to never label someone a fool? Such things are natural, normal, my right, not reasons for judgment and hell. (seriously, hell?)

But you state clearly your standard of righteousness. To be right before God, I must be right with my neighbor, even if they are wrong. I must do what I can to be at peace with the one who has a problem with me. This places unity and relationship above correctness. In this political climate of finger pointing and accusations how do we manage this?

Jesus doesn’t dismiss the differences between people, he doesn’t tell us to abandon our principles or our understanding of justice, he acknowledges there will be reasons to go to court, but he emphasizes the value of maintaining the relationship. “Make friends with your accuser,” he teaches. In Greek, the phrase translated make friends, means to “wish one well, to be be well disposed, of a peaceable spirit.” I am to desire my accusers well being; I am to approach him with my soul grounded in peace. This is possible because I know the only one who has a legitimate charge against me has made a way for us to be reconciled. God has made me, the one who has violated his law of love over and over again, to be at peace with him. How could I not offer the same peace to the one who I accuse or who accuses me?

Lord, whether we think Donald Trump is your gift or Satan’s tool, have mercy and teach your people the way of peace. Thank you and amen.

It all begins with the ASK

Thoughts on Matthew 7:7-12 and then a couple of questions for you.

In the midst of your discourse on life, you give assurance of answered prayer; ask, seek, knock.

Ask, given; seek, find; knock, opened. The parabolic father gives only good to his child, he would never harm the one he loves; the perfect Father will do so to an even greater degree.

Let’s start with the ask. This is where it begins, determining what I want or need. What do I want to ask of God? Or taken from a different angle, what is it that God wishes to give me and is waiting for me to ask it of him? Now that’s a good question.

I go back to the Psalm I read this morning (138:7,8) to see what exchange took place between you and David, what did he ask for? What did you give him? Strength of soul, preservation of his life in the midst of trouble, deliverance from his enemies, fulfillment of his purpose. Is this a model of what I should ask for? of what you want to give me?

All right, Lord, I’ll do the ask.

I call on you to be with me in this moment, let your presence astound me, assure and encourage me. You are with me, your strength is mine. Your Holy Spirit is the rebar in the foundation of my life. Thank you.

Let’s look at the trouble I walk through. First and foremost I thank you that the troubles I walk through are so minor; they are troubles of my soul, the texture of fine sand. Unchecked they could clog the machinery of my heart and need to be dealt with, but I have food, water, health, safety. So many of your loved ones don’t. My heart is grateful for your kindness toward me, and I pray that I will not forget the ones that need your kindness to be given them through me.

There is good news and bad news about the trouble I walk through. The bad news is that the troubles are not going away. The good news is you will keep me safe as I walk through them. My sand-y, gritty troubles revolve around choosing obedience and trust rather than indulging my appetite and consumerism. Face it Debby, these will always taunt you, tease you, lure you. Jesus you are the guardrails that boundary my day’s path, holding on to you as I walk will preserve my life. Thank you.

Some enemies, though, you intend to remove from the landscape of my soul, to deal with once and for all. Thank you for that deliverance – I have no fear of death, I am assured of love, I am a treasure you have redeemed, I am a arrow in your quiver. Thank you. I ask: continue this deliverance from the remaining enemies that populate my world.

I never read The Purpose Driven Life. My apologies to Rick Warren, I’m sure if I had read it I would have found it useful for the Kingdom’s sake. But I resisted it because I wanted a life driven by the Spirit, not by a purpose. I still want my life to be more consumed with being rather than doing, so my doing is born of my being. Yet your word suggests you have a purpose for me and you are determined to fulfill it.

I am compelled to ask, “What is your purpose for me?” Ah…you remind me of my mission statement. “I wake up every morning eager to hear your voice of love and then to share it with the world we so love through my writing, my words, my acts and my relationships.” This is the desire of my heart, given me from your heart. You will fulfill this purpose. Thank you.

Interesting, embedded in the asking, is the seeking and the action required of me to cooperate with grace. The good is given generously, is found by my seeking heart and empowered by trust and obedience.

Thank you and amen.

You know these thoughts come from my morning prayer journal. I hope they are helpful for you as you pursue God’s heart. Will you let the Spirit guide you in your prayer as I was: What do you ask of God, or better yet, what does God want you to ask? What are the troubles you walk through? From what has God delivered you? What purpose is God fulfilling in you today? It all begins with the Ask. 

With you on the journey,


The essential prayer

Thoughts on Matthew 6:7-1

No empty phrases, no need to even put words to my heart’s needs, you know better than I what is needful. Instead you teach me the essential prayer. God is our Father, I am in a family. God is in heaven, he sees and rules all. Such news awakes awe and respect within me. I chose to subject myself to your authority and align myself with your good will, here today, it is practice for heaven. Take care of our physical needs; and forgive the many ways we violate love, as we forgive those who violate love against us. Walk ahead of us so we can avoid temptation, and rescue us from the evil that lines the path we take. I forgive, forgive me. Amen

I’d love to hear how you would you paraphrase the most prayed prayer to make it fresh and yours? 

With you on the journey,


You are low hanging fruit!

Thoughts on Luke 5:27-32

You call Levi from his tax collecting office with an invitation, “Follow me.” And good old Levi left everything and did just that. He gave himself a going away party, inviting all his old tax collector friends and the whole lot of unseemly co-operators with the Roman regime. The Pharisees heard about the shindig and began picking on your disciples, wagging their fingers, pointing out how inappropriate it was for them to be hanging out with such a sinful crowd. You took up the argument on behalf of your disciples, explaining your purpose was not to hang out with the well, the well didn’t need a doctor, you came to to be with the sick.

Interesting how the religious crew, the righteous ones, harass the disciples when their real argument was with you. They weren’t looking for a way to eliminate the threat of the disciples, it was you who undermined their authority, yet they look for the lowest hanging fruit to pick a fight with. Thank you for standing between the disciples and their accusers. You do so even yet. Your great enemy, stands accusing me of all kinds of inappropriate actions. Even though he has been defeated, he still exercises his lagging power to torment me. “You aren’t doing it right, you aren’t bringing God glory, you are screwing up.” And you know, these accusations are founded on truth. I do do things wrongly, with impure intentions, that is why I need a doctor. I don’t claim to be perfect, I claim to belong to you.

So, Jesus, let them accuse; I don’t deny the acts that I am charged with, they are my reality. The enemy’s voice is loud, demanding my shame and despair. Thankfully, you intervene. Your voice is clear, calling me to turn toward you and away from the false need to be righteous. Whose voice will I listen to? I admit my habit is to believe the accusers, convinced I am not good enough. But Jesus, this Lenten season I will let you defend me, I will hide behind your love and trust you. I will hide in your grace. Thank you and amen.

A Lenten fast is not about saying no…

Thoughts on Isaiah 58:1-9

To fast in body is not acceptable to the Lord. Maintaining an outward ritual that suggests I am submitted to the Lord while inwardly plotting to satisfy my own pleasures, figuring out a way to make sure I get my way and proudly sticking to my own way of thinking, dismissing yours, shuts God’s eyes to my fasting posture. Unless what’s happening inside my heart matches the posture of my body, my cries do not reach God’s ears.

God defines the fast that is acceptable, that causes light to break forth upon the earth, healing to be dispensed and safety secured. I want these things, Lord. So teach me how to loose the bonds of wickedness, undo heavy burdens, let the oppressed go free and break the yokes; to share my bread with the hungry, house the homeless poor, clothe the naked and be good to my family.

Eight actions of heart and body that is an acceptable fast. Basically to look at the world and all people in the world with your eyes and then to treat them as would have them treated. Begin with me, Lord. Let me receive your loosening, lifting and freeing through my lenten discipline of fasting from sugar. When I crave it, let me turn the craving into prayer or an act that promotes your righteousness in the world.

Yes, Lord….remind me the point of fasting is not the surface no, it is the deep yes to your love and righteousness. Thank you and amen.