Wisdom’s promise of refreshment

Wisdom speaks:

I have taken root in a privileged people, in the Lord’s property, in his inheritance. I have grown tall as a cedar in Lebanon, as a cypress on Mt. Hermon; I have grown tall as a palm in Engedi, as the rose bushes of Jericho; as a fine olive in the plain, as a plane tree I have grown tall.

Sirach 24:12-14

plane treejpegI have grown tall as a Plane tree

A tree that grows beside the water. It sheds its outer bark, the hebrew word means naked.

A responsive prayer:

May I grow beside the living water, staying close to the source of life for the refreshment of my soul. May I  live vulnerably, not hiding behind a veneer.

7 thoughts on “Wisdom’s promise of refreshment

    • Oh, but your vulnerable, true self is so lovely. You are exactly who you need to me at this moment in time, in the life you’ve been given to live, the work you’ve been assigned to do. Trust yourself and God’s good work in you. Blessings, D

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