What Jesus desires

Thoughts on John 17:1-11

Supper is finished. The hour has come. Your discourse turns to prayer and it takes on a surrealistic quality. It’s as if the upper room and your disciples faded away, the scene becomes a frozen tableau. You seem transported into close communion with your Father and we witness a very intimate conversation, you speak of your glory and your desire.

For yourself you want only to bring glory to your Father. For your disciples, for me, you want intimate knowledge of your truth and union with one another.

Truths: I belong to God. God has given me to Jesus. Jesus has given me eternal life. Eternal life consists in knowing God and keeping his word. Knowing God translates into remembering all comes from his great hand. Keeping his word means maintaining union with one another as Jesus and the Father are one.

I belong to God, not to myself, not to my family or my roles, but to God. I am created and sealed by his love and good will.

I have been entrusted to Jesus. His love reveals my humble value. I am worth his dying sacrifice. He carried the cross and he carries me. I am his lamb.

I have eternal life. It begins NOW in the constant exchange that takes place in my heart between God and me. Today, I enjoy the eternal rest of peace and joy.

I receive all as gifts from your heart of love. All creation is your offering to me, meant to draw me into your circle.

I am not alone, I am part of the whole. May I bring glory and honor to all brothers and sisters in Christ and they to me.

Thank you Jesus, for praying for me, keep it up!  Amen.

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