Just when you think you got it figured out

Thoughts on John 16:29-33

At last, the disciples think they get it. They can finally make sense of what Jesus has been talking about and doing, they got him nailed down; Jesus is no run of the mill teacher, he is from God. Based on this understanding they can believe he is who he has said he was. Whew, glad that’s settled.

But no, Jesus won’t let them rest on their laurels. He shakes their new found confidence by letting them know that in a few hours they are going to desert him; they won’t remember their belief that he is from God. In fear they will abandon him and flee for their lives. And he is ok with that. For his belief is never shattered. He knows he is from God and the Father is always with him, even if his closest friends turn their backs.

And he doesn’t hold their betrayal against them. He warns and then assures them. Away from me, you are going to run into trouble; but don’t worry, I handle trouble. Stick with me and your heart will remain at peace. 

Jesus, you are glad when I gain some new spiritual insight, but the insight is not the goal. You are the goal. The insight can be driven away from my consciousness. In fact this is my reality. I sit with you, you share your voice of love with me, I write it down; and then it remains a note in my journal and retires to the back of my mind as I get up and begin the day’s activities. No wonder I have trouble in my day – irritation easily invades, impatience is my normal reaction, ruled by old habits. What can I expect when I leave you behind as I rise from my prayer chair?

You know me so well, my lapse of memory is no surprise to you! You encourage me to maintain hope. You continually call to me:  Relax, don’t beat yourself up, come back to me, with me you’ll find peace, patience and strength. Friends who have auditory issues wear a hearing aid to increase their ability to hear. Lord, equip me with one. I don’t want to miss your whispered invitations to peace.

Thank you and amen.

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