Jesus’ self-talk

Thoughts on John 8:21-30

You had been making some stupefying comments and the crowds were seeking some clarity. For instance, earlier you invited some to follow you, now you are saying where you’re going they couldn’t follow. “Who are you?” they earnestly asked. Your answer, true to your character, “I’m who I told you I was from the beginning. I have not changed. I am sent by the Father to love the world into redemption.”

A lot of what you explained about yourself went over their heads. huh? what?  But you said it anyway so it could be recorded for posterity. AND (this is one reason I love the scriptures, because I see myself in every sentence) you said it aloud to remind yourself of who you were and what you were about. You used “self-talk” to help keep yourself on track.

Boy do I need such “talk.” I often forget who I am and what I’ll called to do and be. It helps to speak it aloud, keeping it on the front burner lest I lose sight of my goal.

Debby, who are  you? I am God’s chosen daughter, precious and pleasing. I am one who wakes each morning to hear God’s voice of love and shares it with the world around me. I am a treasure in the field that God purchased with his own blood, sweat and tears. I am broken, a screw-up, yet beloved and beautiful. I am sent by God and the Holy Spirit never leaves me, for I do what is pleasing to the Father; and what pleases the Father is acknowledging my love and utter dependence upon God’s mercy and grace.

Thank you and amen.

My friends, I ask, Who are you?

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