News about the Gospel

Thoughts on John 7:1,2,10,25-30

You went to Jerusalem incognito, privately. Once there, though, you took up your teaching, publicly; causing confusion amongst the people about your identity. Were you the Christ? How could you be, they knew from where you came. But you challenged this thought. They thought they knew you and where you came from, but they were wrong. You were sent by the True one. The people did not know the True one and they couldn’t know you. They wanted you gone, but  they couldn’t accomplish your elimination because your “time had not yet come.”

Why did you make sure this piece of Jesus’ story was preserved? What important truth have you to teach me?

  • The gospel takes risks. It goes where it is not welcomed.
  • The gospel doesn’t need a lot of fanfare or glamor. It is attractive enough as it is.
  • The gospel arouses conflicting thoughts. It forces one to rethink what they think they know.
  • The gospel challenges the religious status quo. It is not about ritual, it is about knowing the True one.
  • The gospel serves the purpose of God; sending and timing are in God’s hands.
  • The gospel is guarded by the power of the True one. The messenger is perfectly safe in God’s will.

Oh Lord, let me be a faithful messenger of your gospel; quietly, faithfully, truthfully, undeniably, trustingly sharing your good news as you send me. thank you and amen.

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