A Lenten fast is not about saying no…

Thoughts on Isaiah 58:1-9

To fast in body is not acceptable to the Lord. Maintaining an outward ritual that suggests I am submitted to the Lord while inwardly plotting to satisfy my own pleasures, figuring out a way to make sure I get my way and proudly sticking to my own way of thinking, dismissing yours, shuts God’s eyes to my fasting posture. Unless what’s happening inside my heart matches the posture of my body, my cries do not reach God’s ears.

God defines the fast that is acceptable, that causes light to break forth upon the earth, healing to be dispensed and safety secured. I want these things, Lord. So teach me how to loose the bonds of wickedness, undo heavy burdens, let the oppressed go free and break the yokes; to share my bread with the hungry, house the homeless poor, clothe the naked and be good to my family.

Eight actions of heart and body that is an acceptable fast. Basically to look at the world and all people in the world with your eyes and then to treat them as would have them treated. Begin with me, Lord. Let me receive your loosening, lifting and freeing through my lenten discipline of fasting from sugar. When I crave it, let me turn the craving into prayer or an act that promotes your righteousness in the world.

Yes, Lord….remind me the point of fasting is not the surface no, it is the deep yes to your love and righteousness. Thank you and amen.

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