The sign of a maturing faith

Thoughts on Mark 10:1-12

Jesus takes his show on the road and the crowds follow; not to get something from him, there is no mention of any healing or casting out of demons, rather they gather around to learn from him. “As was his custom, he taught them.” These followers are maturing in their faith, they want you, they want to be with you, their aim is not to get something from you and then go about their business healed or restored.

By your kindness, I feel that is represents the state of my soul. You have done such great things for me, in me and through me. I trust the circumstances of my life and my body to your keeping, what I want from you now is to learn from you, to be with you so I become like you. You offer me your teaching, your presence. May it penetrate into my secret heart and then flow from me in my words and actions.

The Pharisees came to test you. I’m done with testing you, you don’t have to prove your orthodoxy to me. What you’ve given is enough. You speak your intention for humankind in Genesis, we were created for pure, reciprocal love; in the law you show your understanding of the humanity of humankind, because we are damaged and cannot contain such unadulterated love, you allow us a way to manage our brokenness; in the incarnation you reconcile your intention and our brokenness. You make a way for us to come home.

Oh, loving God. Let me live closer to the center, closer to the purity of your heart; through me woo others toward home. Oh wise God, let me be as gracious as you, may I, without condemnation offer others a “law” to manage their brokenness, remembering all the while your intention for humankind, union with Love. Thank you and Amen.


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