The Law, the Prophet and Jesus walk into a bar….

Thoughts on Mark 9:2-13

Such a meeting was not unusual for you, you often went off by yourself to pray and probably had such conversations on a regular basis. But today, you took Peter, James and John along with you, allowing them to witness your glory, giving them a lesson in who you truly are. Transfigured, your divinity shown through your humanity and you were dazzling. The Law and the Prophets are embodied in you. Dumbfounded, Peter talks when he has nothing to say, filling the air with noise and busyness. A cloud, hiding you, hovering over you and then a voice: “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him!” Then emptiness; no cloud, no glory, no heroes of history; just Jesus.

Lord, Jesus, take me with you up the mountain; teach me your glory and your purpose. Let me hear the voice of God naming you and giving me instruction. When you do, when you graciously grant me a glimpse of the kingdom reality, I am like Peter, at a loss for what to do. I busy myself with lofty plans for my ministry, my life, let me build a system to capture this precious experience, to make it tangible and repeatable. Nope. A cloud descends, vision is lost. I am left with only the assurance of who you are and who I am to be in relationship with you. You are God’s beloved son and I am to do what you tell me to do, follow your words, not build structures to contain you.

Loving Father, grant me the grace to go up the mountain, witness the glory of your son and then do what he says. Thank you and amen.

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