When Jesus leaves…

Thoughts on Mark 8:11-13

Jesus you are often getting into your boat and going to the other side. Today the Pharisees are hounding you, out to pick a fight. They aren’t seeking you out of a desire to understand or know you, but to test you. They are looking for a reason to excommunicate you. They want a sign from heaven. My goodness, you’ve been healing people left and right, feeding thousands from a couple loaves of bread, what more sign could they need? What were they after? Prove yourself they challenged. Their hard hearted, demanding stance broke your heart. You sighed with grief. On the crowds you had compassion, they were like sheep without a shepherd. With the Pharisees, you ran out of patience. Enough, you said. You wouldn’t perform, you wouldn’t dance to their drummer. You got into your boat and left them.

This reminds me of the scripture “today if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart.” Oh my…do not keep demanding of God to prove himself or his love, do not continue to test him. There may come a time when, Jesus grieving over your stubbornness, leaves you. Ouch. Stop. Look at all God’s love has done for you. Don’t have a what have you done for me lately attitude. Ponder the wonder of creation; your creation and re-creation. Slow down, reorient yourself and let Jesus be sign enough.

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