The Lamp that is you

lamp-639489_640Thoughts on Mark 4:21-25
A lamp is brought into a room to light the room; a lamp is a good thing, a thing that allows life to happen within the room, a thing that is an extension of the light of the sun. Similarly, the good in your life is brought into relationships and situations to be an extension of the sun, bringing light and life where ever you are placed. You need to honor the placement of your life, and not hide yourself out of fear, shame or pride. The lamp within you and that is you illuminates the corners of the room, bringing into the open both life-giving and life-defying secrets; hiding from such a light is hard. Listen to Jesus about this, dear one, he is speaking to you. Be careful about to whom you listen, you will give away what you have been given.

To whom do you listen? Who tells you who you are and what you are to do in the relationships and situations you have been placed? Hopefully, it is Jesus; the one who calls you friend, who shares his inheritance with you; who teaches you to call the God of the universe your perfect parent.

My dear one, trust the lamp you are, don’t hide it under a bushel or a bed. God has named you light of the world, a city set on the hill. Trust his opinion of you more than your own. Amen.

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