One reason why you’re not invited to God’s party

The Psalmist asks, “Who is welcome to live with you in your holiness?” (Psalm 15) Then makes a list of those who are qualified to approach God’s holy dwelling.

The first on the list of invitees are, “those who walk blamelessly.” Blamelessly? Really? It seems you are disqualified from the get-go. Your life is not without blemish. You do wrong, sometimes purposefully, other times unknowingly. You are certainly not blameless. You’re off the list.

Hmm…another thought arises. Could it mean that you walk without blaming? Not holding it against anyone when they act wrongly. Forgiving all, including yourself, of actions done because “we don’t know what we do.” (Luke 23:34) Living compassionately?

Either one of these is hard to achieve, but they are targets for which you can aim. Do right by all. Speak your heart’s truth. A moral and kind life leads to God’s holy hill. I pray God forms such a life in you and me. Amen.

With you on the journey,


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