What God intends for you

Which of these words do you need to hear from God’s heart toward you today? Make it your breath prayer for the day. From Jeremiah’s canticle in chapter 31, verses 10-14.

You find ourselves scattered, a piece of you here, part of you over there. It is not God’s design for you to live in such a thin way, spread out, tossed about; without substance, unable to be wholly present to your life. So God sets out to gather the pieces of your soul, to return them to a whole. The puzzle parts of your life only make a beautiful picture when set in place by the master artist. God is committed to re-membering you and keeping you safe. Thank you God.

You are home, thank the Good Shepherd. God bought you back from the enemy, traded his life for yours. You no longer are the plunder of the enemy. Your life is reunited with your Life. What can you do? Shout and laugh with great joy, why contain the pure and holy energy that runs through you. Move with delight. Like Jack with his fireworks.

 Join the other ransomed ones who are running toward God’s blessings: abundant nourishment, pure enjoyment, absolute comfort, eternal safety, appropriate power. You are a beautiful garden that is watered from secret sources, you will never lack what you need to flourish.

All the innocence in you is released, all the strength and curiosity in you is unleashed, all the wisdom in you is unsheathed. All that has saddened you is converted into joy. God, the great consoler, acknowledges the sorrow you’ve experienced and comforts you in such a way that it is transformed into glad character. God lavishes you with what is perfectly suited for you and fills you with uncountable blessings.

The word of God for the people of God.

With you on the journey,


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