God’s self portrait

Thoughts on Ez 34:11-16

This is a portrait of Yahweh, your God.

God promises to search for you when you are lost. Your loving God will find you, even when you don’t realize you are lost. In the times when you are scattered, you feel frantic, your life is chaotic, God seeks you, pulls you into God’s calm and brings you home. When you lose your way because there is no clear direction, God knows where you’ve wandered and brings you back. When sadness and darkness descend and you feel abandoned, God brings you gently into the light.

You are never without a shepherd. You belong to God. God promises to give you your own space and to feed you with God’s best riches. Your need will be graciously and lovingly supplied.

At times of quiet, when your world is still, God is making you lie down, resting and restoring you. Receive this blessing.

God is your shepherd, here is a shepherd’s work:
seek the lost
bring back the strayed
bind up the injured
strengthen the weak
destroy the fat and the strong
feed with justice.

What do you need your shepherd to do for you today?

3 thoughts on “God’s self portrait

  1. Deb, am loving your words. In particular this one! Keep it up, it is blessing us and I pray that your process is going well… Will keep praying, love u

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