A warning: sin lurks

Take it from me and Psalm 36:

Sin, the false self, the unregenerate self, whispers into the deep, unconscious part of your heart. It lies there waiting for some thought, or image, or memory to stir it up and like a snap of the fingers, it is aroused, attempting to rule and ruin your life. When this happens, it takes over, you won’t care what God says or what brings life and health, you will only hear sin’s demand.

It’s voice will convince you that you operate in secret, no one will find out your indulgence. Deceit and trouble both enter and exit your mouth. You are disconnected from wisdom, truth and love. Your mind goes to the satisfaction of your sinful action when it is not otherwise occupied. You stew about it and plot its manifestation. You cling to the death it doles out.

You are not without hope, though. Remember God’s precious and generous love for you. God’s love offers a shelter from sin’s plans for you. God’s house feeds and delights your true self. Your Lord is the source of life and when you stand with God, you can see truth and choose truth.

You may live in the first two paragraphs much of the time. Sin suggests, “Tomorrow,” or “when I return home, that’s when I’ll hide in you. Not today.” Sin’s voice is so subtle and pervasive that even as you read this you are thinking about how you will obtain your obsession. All you can do is confess, look to Jesus right now. Say yes to love this second. Right now is all you have, cling to Jesus. At least for this second sin’s voice and power will be silenced.

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