Sin and your true self

Sin hinders your true self from being realized. So, let’s talk about sin. Some people have a problem with sin, or the word/concept of sin. They’ve come to understand it in a cultural or societal or even a religious interpretation…we are worms, worthless, there is no good in us.

This is not a biblical picture of sin and it’s effect on us. Remember before original sin there was original grace.

Dallas Willard says in Renovation of the Heart, “Sin does not make us worthless, only lost.”

Let’s start at the beginning:

Genesis 1 – Humankind created in the image of God and declared “good.” There is a God spark inside every person that God tends. Like the eternal flame at Arlington Cemetary, it is guarded and never extinguished.

Then, of course, came Genesis 3. Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, which God had asked them to avoid, saw that they were naked, felt shame and attempted to clothe themselves. Sin became incarnate.

Although created in the image of God (good) we also have inherited the image of Adam and Eve (sin). We are sin tainted, it’s in our spiritual DNA, like fat marbled in a piece of meat.

Simply speaking, Sin keeps the hyacinth in the dark, hindering it from being the colorful and beautiful flower it was meant to be.

Next post: The completion of my thoughts about true self, sin-tainted self and your true beauty.

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