contentment vs satisfaction

“There is a great difference between I wish I were and I would like to be. To be content is not to be satisfied. No one ought to be satisfied with the imperfect. It is God’s will that we should contentedly bear what he gives us. But at the same time we can look forward with hope to the redemption of the body.”*

…And of our emotions and relationships; our lacks and our “unsatisfied” longings. We are wounded but we have hope of healing. We feel we are missing out but must look forward with hope for union and intimacy. We must bear what we have, and have not, with patience and hold stubbornly to the hope of perfection and complete satisfaction. What a tightrope we must walk. Only by keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, can we navigate it.

*George MacDonald The Curates Awakening

One thought on “contentment vs satisfaction

  1. I love the tightrope analogy. We seem to be designed to live in and learn from tension and we require dynamic readjustments to live and learn. When we look at neural networks and machine learning, skill and knowledge acquisition doesn’t happen without variability. To master any skill, we must go through a period of overshooting going wrong in all ways in order to “find” the center again and again in all circumstances. In fact, there is a collection of specialized neurons, in our brains, the basal ganglion, that creates variability in our motor outputs. For example, to learn to serve a tennis ball, out basal ganglion creates variability in the height we toss the ball, the strength and angle that we hit it etc. Frustration sets in but one day, we “master” it. But we always have a goal, a desired outcome in our mind’s eye, is this analogous to the perfection God puts in our hearts of which you write?
    Sorry to go on and on.

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