MM 10/8/15 The rest of the Lord and my crazy dogs

I came home from the hospital yesterday. The dr. thinks all the cancer was contained within my uterus, so the surgery may be all the treatment I needed. Hopefully, the path report will confirm this prognosis. I’m in a bit of pain and would appreciate your continued prayers.

Psalm 132, Arise oh Lord and return to your resting place….I am the Lord’s resting place. We’re going to take it pretty easy today. Love you all,


3 thoughts on “MM 10/8/15 The rest of the Lord and my crazy dogs

  1. Oh Deb! So glad to see your lovely face. I am praying for less pain and rest today. And maybe Jack taking the dogs for a long walk?!

  2. Debbie, my sisters and I have been praying for your healing and quick recovery. We were thrilled to hear the good news that further treatment might not be necessary. We pray the biopsy report is negative. We serve a healing God and we pray that for you. Please follow doctor’s orders and get well soon. God bless you.

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