8/24/15 what doesn’t make me happy

The Psalmist tells the truth: sinning does not lead to happiness. It may lead to numbing of pain, satiation of appetites, denial of reality, but not happiness. Let’s choose the happiness of delighting in God’s law of love. Can I ask you to pray for Jack and me, we are currently experiencing a very trying time.

MM 8/24/15 What doesn't make me happy from Debby Bellingham on Vimeo.

One thought on “8/24/15 what doesn’t make me happy

  1. Thank you for admitting this. I love how you and Jack have always been open about your struggles. That way we can pray for you and we also do not feel alone in our sinfulness and unhappiness in being sinful.

    Lord, please help Debby and Jack to say these exact words to each other. Please help them to know that your forgiveness is at the end of a prayer of confession. And Lord, I pray they will also forgive each other. Amen.

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