3 thoughts on “MM 7/15/16 For those of us who doubt our spiritual progress

  1. Indeed so encouraging. Loved the words God gave to you and to us about not focusing on the evil still in us but continue to trust and follow God, who is lessening the evil in us. Never thought of it this way, except that I know the Holy Spirit works in us to change us. Repent and ask forgiveness yes, worry or focus on it–your message from God tells us, no. THANKS and praise to God!

  2. Thanks be to God for His wise and merciful words to you and us. That we should just trust and continue to follow, not worry about evil still in us, is extremely encouraging. Especially that the evil is being lessened all the time by the Holy Spirit working in us as we continue to do what is right , God’s will. THANKS for sharing this with us!

  3. This helps me so much as I ponder lately all the ways I’m failing. God has asked me before to focus on him and his ways, and this reminds me to do that, too. Thank you!

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