MM 7/14/15 this word makes my soul cringe

Yikes. A confession from my dark soul. The Psalmist asks God to judge him, and is convinced God will find him full of integrity and righteousness. Not so much my experience. I cringe at the thought, I am tainted with sin. All I can do, though is admit it and trust in God’s mercy.


MM 7/14/15 this word makes me cringe from Debby Bellingham on Vimeo.

One thought on “MM 7/14/15 this word makes my soul cringe

  1. My heart is heavy today Deb. My Maddie is into some sort of angels new âge thing…. Doreen Virtue.

    Our relationship is strained…. Shés told me where i’ve failed her as a parent…. Among other things. We took some time to talk last evening and it was not easy. I’m trying to ask God to help me seek Him. Rest in him, and perhaps be ok with not having an answer or solution.
    Will you pray for Maddie? And me? And Will you check out this Doreen Virtue’s website and tell me if it’s as scary to you as it is to me? Thanks….

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