Your source, means and end – Ps 89 rewritten for you

my prayer journalDear friend,

God has found you, his servant. With holy oil God has anointed you, his hand shall establish you and his arm shall strengthen you.

The enemy shall not outwit you; the wicked shall not humble you. God will crush your foes before you and strike down those who hate you.

You once were lost, but now are found. Thank God. God searched for you, as one would search for their misplaced phone, fearing for it’s well-being, hoping it hasn’t fallen into hands that will take advantage of something that isn’t theirs. God found you. I remember the panic I felt when my wallet was missing with $300 and my brand new phone; and the relief when it was returned. God feels this over you.

With the holy oil of baptism, God adopted you into his family. You are called by God’s own name. God will always be with you, you will never be alone and God will make you strong so that you may bear the good load given you to carry.

The ones/forces who wish you confusion and shame will be handled by God. God will grant you holy cunning and confidence in facing and defeating those against your health and wholeness. God’s faithfulness and steadfast love shall be with you and in God’s name shall your horn be exalted.

You shall cry, “You are my Father, my God and the Rock of my salvation.”  And God will respond, “You are my honored child.”

God’s steadfast love will keep you forever and God’s covenant will stand firm.

My responsive prayer: 

Lord, my companions today are your loyal trueness and your constant love. We shall walk together and as I live for you, acting according to your good and loving character I shall have your authority and blessing.

You will give me power to handle the strong and vast unknown; wisdom to navigate the rush of the everyday twists and turns this day holds.

I will remember: I am in your family, I am your servant, I have been saved by your solid, unmovable strength. From me will come new followers of you, I shall be the best me thinkable.

You will never quit loving me. You will always keep your promises to me. Amen.

With you on the journey,


4 thoughts on “Your source, means and end – Ps 89 rewritten for you

  1. Thank you Debby, my day commences with protection from the Father and the knowledge He will constantly be near..Onward to bible study and beyond!

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