Upcoming Events- Shaped by the Garden

Shaped By the Garden

A two year course that meets for an extended weekend once a quarter and focuses on experiencing God’s loving action toward us, our cooperation with this grace and our partnership with the Trinity in bringing the love of Jesus to the world.  Themes are:

1.  Rooted – Knowing our grounding and security in the great love of God.

2.  Weeded – Knowing our need for purification so that the love of God may flourish in our life.

3. Transplanted- Knowing and accepting the righteousness of Jesus Christ into our life’s experiences

4.  The Vine – Knowing the source and model for the life we now live, Jesus Christ.

5.  The Branches – Knowing our partnership and connection with the source of life.

6.  The Pests – Knowing the things and the ways that would kill or maim the life of Christ in us.

7.  The Pruning – Knowing that death proceeds new life.

8.  The Garden – Knowing the beauty and the bounty of our life in Christ.

Garden 1 Nicasio, CA closed Session 4, The Vine May 5-8, 2011

Garden 2 Montara, CA closed Session 2, Weeded Mar 31-April 3, 2011

Garden 3 So. Cal (tbd) open Session 1, Rooted Sept. 22-25, 2011

Garden 4 Portland, OR open Session 1, Rooted Jan. 19-22, 2012

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