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Shaped By the Garden

A two year course that meets for an extended weekend once a quarter and focuses on experiencing God’s loving action toward us, our cooperation with this grace and our partnership with the Trinity in bringing the love of Jesus to the world.  Themes are:

1.  Rooted – Knowing our grounding and security in the great love of God.

2.  Weeded – Knowing our need for purification so that the love of God may flourish in our life.

3. Transplanted- Knowing and accepting the righteousness of Jesus Christ into our life’s experiences

4.  The Vine – Knowing the source and model for the life we now live, Jesus Christ.

5.  The Branches – Knowing our partnership and connection with the source of life.

6.  The Pests – Knowing the things and the ways that would kill or maim the life of Christ in us.

7.  The Pruning – Knowing that death proceeds new life.

8.  The Garden – Knowing the beauty and the bounty of our life in Christ.

Garden 1 Nicasio, CA closed Session 4, The Vine May 5-8, 2011

Garden 2 Montara, CA closed Session 2, Weeded Mar 31-April 3, 2011

Garden 3 So. Cal (tbd) open Session 1, Rooted Sept. 22-25, 2011

Garden 4 Portland, OR open Session 1, Rooted Jan. 19-22, 2012

Come Away Prayer days

Jesus regularly took his disciples away from the busyness of their routine for a time of rest and renewal. Every third Saturday of the month we’ll gather for a focused time of prayer and reflection. Carve time in your busy routine to join Jesus and his friends for a few hours of respite and recharging. The theme is waiting, each month we’ll focus on a different promise we long to see fulfilled. Third Saturday, 9-noon, $20 per session.

Let Debby know if you plan on attending. Building 38 conference room, Presidio, San Francisco, CA

April 16 Waiting for Resurrection

May 21 Waiting for Direction

June 18 Waiting for Fulfillment

July 16 Waiting for Freedom

August 20 Waiting for Rest

Sept. 17Waiting for Knowledge

Oct. 15 Waiting for Transformation

Nov. 19 Waiting for Joy

Dec. 17 Waiting for Hope

Ongoing Spiritual Direction Prayer Groups

Are you hungry for a more intimate relationship with Jesus? Are you desiring God’s direction for your life? If so, you should consider joining a spiritual direction prayer group. In this type of prayer group you would meet with three other people, once a month for 3 hours. The small group setting and the extended amount of time allows for a deep and thorough time of prayer for one another. Suggested Donation $50/session.

Individual Spiritual Direction

Slow down, give words to the state of your soul, let a trusted companion help you notice the activity of God in your life; a spiritual director can give you a new set of eyes and ears to see and hear God’s love and direction. Usually a monthly meeting that includes silence, sharing, and praying. For those outside of the bay area, spiritual direction sessions can be conducted via skype.  Suggested donation of $50/session. Contact Debby for more information.

Spiritual Exercises – Shaped by the Spirit in Daily Life

Shaped by the Spirit in Daily Life is a prayerful, experiential and directed means of spiritual transformation. It is for people who would like to integrate their spiritual life with their daily life; for those who recognize their need for more spiritual nourishment if they are to live a life of discipleship.

There is a prescribed curriculum covered in Shaped by the Spirit in Daily Life. But the material will be customized to meet the particular needs of each participant. It is the Spirit that sets the pace of the journey. Some people may need to spend extended amounts of time prayerfully pondering God’s love. The Spirit may cause others to stay with the works of love expressed in the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life.

The content of the curriculum is presented to an individual during a regular meeting with a spiritual director, who prayerfully listens and suggests material and methods for prayer. Participants then use this feedback as a guide for their continued prayer.

The transformative power of Shaped by the Spirit in Daily Life comes not through the presented curriculum or the meetings with the spiritual director, but through regular prayer and engagement with God. It is in allowing the Holy Spirit access to the whole person and faithfully responding to the activity of God that one becomes able, as Ignatius said, to “See Jesus more clearly, love him more dearly, follow him more nearly.”

The process is not a short term commitment. Depending on the leading of the Spirit it will require at least nine months to complete. There is a one time fee of $25 to cover the costs of the materials and then a suggested fee of $175/month for the meetings with the spiritual director (it is the same amount monthly, whether you meet once a week or once a month.) For those outside of the bay area, sessions can be conducted via skype.

For more information, contact Debby.

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