prayer + choice = life

We must choose to remember that God is trustworthy

Dear Elle,

Following the example of Jesus’ life requires you to cast out demons! (Mark 3) This means you will replace lies that lead to death with truth that creates life. Although this seems like a hugely complicated ambition, it may be more simple than you imagine. Notice I said simple, not easy.

The most important thing you can do to ready yourself for this assignment is to be with Jesus. The first disciples had trouble casting out demons because they had not invested in the work of prayer. (Mark 9:28,29) Every step of your work must be steeped in prayer. You must be with Jesus in order for him to share his authority with you, ask this of him; you must be with Jesus in order for your own heart to be purified so that you seek God’s best for the people you love, ask this of him. Jesus is already praying for the ones you love, you are just partnering with his heart for them. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your interactions, to give you spiritual discernment, to guard your heart and your mouth. You’ll be better equipped to love wisely and well by being with Jesus.

Casting out demons is casting light on the lies of the enemy. Although we live under the rule of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, the evil one still has influence over our lives, lying to us, attempting to trick us into distrust of God. The nature of this influence always takes the form of a choice.

From humankind’s beginnings in the Garden of Eden, there has always been a choice. We can choose God and God’s ways or we can choose to turn away from God. The enemy of our soul is constantly trying to convince us that God isn’t trustworthy and we need to take matters into our own hands. This is the ground from which all the lies of the evil one grow.

Uncovering the hidden lie is the work of casting out demons. We begin with our own demons. We must come face to face with our choice to either follow God or to believe the lie that God is not trustworthy and turn away. Living according to the truth rather than the lie means we choose to trust God alone.

Choice, the pivotal action. How do we unmask the subtle (and always inviting) lie of the enemy so that we can make the choice to follow our Lord?  We’ll talk about that in my next letter!

With you in the journey,


7 thoughts on “prayer + choice = life

  1. What you say is radical to me: you say that Jesus is already praying for the ones we love and we ask to partner with him in his prayers? This is contrary to my prayer life in which I plead with him to save/ heal/ protect my loved ones… As if I need to convince him to do this! Thank you for reminding mevto ask and thank him for his prayers.

    • Thank you for guiding me to John 17, it is good to have this assurance. It is also good to remember that the world hated Jesus and it is no wonder the world hates us. But that we are not called out of the world but to live here, protected from the evil one by Jesus’ prayers.

  2. “Simple but not easy.”

    The Kingdom is not “user friendly” to those who desire “this world’s” standard of “quick” and “convenient.”

    So, we must choose and trust and sacrifice and live and rise and be blessed and choose and trust and sacrifice and live and be blessed …… Simple … Simply death dealing and life bestowing….

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