Your amazing life! (part two)

What you love can be the means through which God asks you to share the good news!

Dear Elle,

You have accepted God’s gracious invitation to come away and be with Jesus. You’ve climbed the mountain to sit with him and hear his voice.

His voice speaks love into your heart, acceptance to your soul, loving correction to your habits, all evidence of the good news of the Kingdom come near you! And now his voice offers you an assignment. He appoints you to carry out a particular task, a role that is perfectly suited for you, your talents, your temperament, your gifts, your interests, your station in life – this assignment has your name written all over it!

The appointment you’ve been given is not necessarily your livelihood (although that would be ideal!) It is the part of God’s heart you’ve been asked to carry. It is the flock Jesus asks you to shepherd. Consider your life. What ignites your passion? What stirs your anger? For whom or what does your heart break? These are indicators of your assignment.

A friend of mine likes to ask people “What floats your boat?” This is his way of asking a person about the activities, causes or peoples that energize and animate his or her life . Notice what you think about when your not thinking about anything in particular. Where does your mind wander, this is another indicator of your particular assignment.

You love music – writing it, playing it, teaching it. No one forces you to sit at the piano and play. You are drawn to it, you enjoy it, it challenges and sharpens you. This is the means through which God asks you to share the good news.

Some people’s assignment is not as obvious as yours. Jack, for instance, loves writing screenplays. He desires to write a script that will be made into a movie. This doesn’t seem very spiritual does it? Except that his writing requires discipline, he must submit to the exercise of sitting at his computer and writing. Such discipline shapes his soul. And his love of the craft has caused him to gather other people who share this affinity. He meets weekly with 10-12 people to encourage creativity and to foster relationship. He brings Jesus with him to these friends. They know the love of God through Jack’s love of them. That’s his assignment.

We can talk further about identifying this particular assignment of yours, but the best first step you can take is to look inside your heart.

With you in the journey,


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