The year of the Lord’s favor (part 2)

Dear Elle,

Jesus ushers in the year of the Lord’s favor, not the moment, nor the day, nor even the week, but the year. This promises that every season of your life will be covered with the Lord’s favor over you. The Springs of your life, when all is new, fresh, bursting with life and energy; the Summers when life is slower and warmth has it’s healing and nurturing way in the earth and in your soul; the Autumns when death, disguised in beauty and brilliance is mingled with  the abundance of a hard earned harvest; and even the Winters, when you experience coldness, emptiness and are tempted to doubt the coming again of Spring;  all seasons of your life come and go under the watchful and attending God of heaven and earth. All are opportunities to receive God’s favor.

As we speak of God’s favor, let this thought stretch your imagination, you are God’s favorite! Allow yourself to bask in the pleasure of being God’s favorite Elle. You are the only you and you are God’s favorite you!  Think about it this way, I bet you have many pairs of shoes. Each pair purchased because you liked them. You have a favorite pair of running shoes, a favorite pair of shoes you wear with your jeans, a favorite pair of slippers you wear around the house. All your shoes are your favorite ones. In the same way God loves all of us equally, and  each of us is the favorite child, created for the exact purpose of living the life with which we are blessed.

Go forth in the light of God’s favor resting on you, walking before you, following you; know that God’s favor hovers over you, protecting and covering you; the very ground you walk on is the favor of God underneath you, holding and establishing you.

You are God’s beloved.

With you in the journey,


One thought on “The year of the Lord’s favor (part 2)

  1. Thank you for this reminder, Debby. I always experience a moment of levity and joy knowing I am God’s favorite. As he is mine.

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