Journeying with the Spirit -part 4 of 8

Jack and me at the finish of the Healdsburg half marathon 2009

A couple of years ago, I was on my morning run. As I was making my way up a slight hill, I passed a woman who was attempting to catch the bus that was stopped at the next intersection. She was probably about my age, but heavy-set and she was carrying packages and was running toward the bus stop in high heels. I had the urge to run on ahead ask the bus driver to wait for her. An urge I ignored. A few steps later I heard a loud groan and I looked around and the woman had fallen, her packages scattered, her leg bleeding and she was crying.

If I had followed the Spirit’s nudge I wouldn’t have noticed a thing, I would have asked the driver to wait, and went on with my run. She’d have gotten on the bus and on with her day…a non-event.

But I didn’t obey the nudge and as a result, she suffered.

A very small picture of how heeding the urges of the Spirit holds back harm and injury.

It makes me wonder though what damage is done in the world because God’s people are too embarrassed or inconvenienced or unpracticed at obeying the prompts and urges of the Spirit?  What good goes undone because we have a schedule to keep or a plan to accomplish or expectations to fulfill?

We must follow the urges the Spirit places on our hearts.

Part 4 of 8 will be my next post.

One thought on “Journeying with the Spirit -part 4 of 8

  1. I never fail to be nudged when passing a homeless person. Do I smile? Give something? Pray for them? Too often I look away. I rationalize that money would just be used for drugs or other illicit activities. But where is God in my response? The other day I picked up a pack of new socks. This week I plan to get some plastic water bottles and granola bars together to make “homeless packs.” Having a practical response to the real plight of homelessness in the city is, for me, choosing to walk with the Spirit. Come, Lord Jesus!

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